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Arrowhead River Adventures is a family owned whitewater rafting and fishing business located in Southern Oregon. We're passionate about excellence and believe anything worth doing is worth over-doing. As a small business, we are driven to do good by our staff, our customers, and the environment. 

Hey there,​


We're Kyle and Ashley Drake, owners of Arrowhead River Adventures. Our goal is to provide you with the same river experience we would want for our own family and friends - fun, learning, adventure, connection with nature, and building memories to last long after you get the sand out of your shoes.

Our best moments as a family and as individuals have been on the water, and we're passionate about providing those experiences for others. We know there are lots of ways to take a vacation, but we want to offer something more. An opportunity for connection, relaxation, wonder, and joy.


It doesn't matter if the biggest body of water you've seen is a kiddie pool, or if you're an experienced outdoors person looking for a new challenge, you're a part of our family and we can't wait to make some memories with you.


See you on the river,

Kyle, Ashley, Wren and Marlo


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the originals

Arrowhead River Adventures was founded by Don Kirkendall in 1971, originally under the name Don's Guide Service, before becoming Arrowhead River Adventures in 1995. Don ran the business with his partner Anne Scott until his passing in 2009. Anne carried on the tradition of providing great river trips until 2021, when ownership transferred to the Drakes.

Anne still guides, and with her mermaid hair and love for the river, she is the heart and soul of Arrowhead, and the Godmother of this operation. Be sure to give her a wave when you see her kayaking down the Rogue.


What's the story behind the Arrowhead?

Many years ago Arrowhead River Adventure's founder Don found an arrowhead in the ground near the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. From that moment on the arrowhead has been a symbol for our business and mission. 

The arrowhead is the start, the beginning, the initiation of a journey. It's the tip of the iceberg. The start of something great. We believe that experiences with Arrowhead River Adventures are a spark for adventure into wild spaces and epic journeys, while reminding us of the people who came before and the vast history of the places we travel.

In everything we do, we look forward to the future and preserving these wild places for the generations to come, while also honoring the past and being good stewards of the environments we enjoy.

Arrowhead River Adventures operates on the traditional territory of the ancestral lands of the Tenino, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, the Numu (Northern Paiute), the Cow Creek Umpqua, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Tolowa Dee-ni’, and Takelma. These lands are still home to their stories and identities.

Arrowhead River Adventures Oregon multiday whitewater rafting and day trips on the rogue river and john day river

The home Team

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